Nurjahan Group Spices


This particular unit of the Nurjahan Group is being set up in Chittagong. The machines for this particular unit came from Mill Powder Tech Co. Ltd.of Taiwan.

This particular unit of the Nurjahan Group will be producing Chili and Turmeric Powder 6 MT/day, cumin and Coriander Powder 1.4 MT/day, and Mixed Spices 0.5 MT/Day.

As a part of our commitment of providing the best possible ingredients, the product from this factory will be of International Quality and Purity. The spices and condiments of Bengal have through the ages been a product of great repute.

It is what makes the recipes of Bengal so very special.

Nurjahan Group with its products from Nurjahan spices Ltd. wants to make its contribution to the art of cooking of Bangladesh.

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