Dear Valued Customers, Friends and Well wishers

chairmanI take this opportunity to express my thanks, and the thanks of all those associated with Nurjahan Group, to everybody who had supported us in our endeavours.

Your words of encouragement and your active support during our growing and formative years were always a source of inspiration for us. I wish to acknowledge the fact that we are what we are because of our friends and well wishers.

We at Nurjahan Group make a solemn promise that we will never stop in our efforts to provide better and better goods and services, to our valued customers.

Our motto is “Reaching for the Stars” and God willing through our efforts and with your help and support we shall become a beacon of excellence in the Industrial and Services Sector of our country.

We ask for your support, your advice and your blessings in this never ending journey.

Zahir Ahammed
Chairman & Managing Director
Nurjahan group