Raw Materials

Dry Fractionation process is designed to separate Palm Oils into two fractions. Olein and Stearin, by the process of crystallization. A typical Dry Fractionation plant consists of Crystallization section and Filtration section. The production process employed in Nurjahan Super Oil Ltd. ensures super refined oils which is more fat free than normal Refined Palm Oil.




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Nurjahan Group Edible Oil Sector

Raw Materials ➜

Our Edible Oil processing factories are as follows:

Together, these edible oil refining enterprises are capable of refining 1300 Metric Tons of Edible Oil per day and in addition, we have fractionating facilities of another 1500 Metric Tons per day. This makes us one of the largest entities in the edible oil sector in the country.

Our plants are designed by Oiltek SDN Berhad of Malaysia which is one of the world leaders in Crude Palm Oil refining and most of our equipments are manufactured in Germany with the most reliable German technology. We are very particular about the quality of our products and we are very careful about maintaining an environment free from pollution. Our factories have an ecologically healthy environment, with greenery all around.In addition to refined edible oil, our factories are also producing Palm Oil Stearin and from this stearin, we produce Vegetable Ghee 72 Metric Tons per day.

Nurjahan group started their endeavours from Chittagong, the Port city of Bangladesh. We were very young then but we had a dream. A dream of taking our presence to all corners of our country. We are now confident enough to start our activities in Dhaka and its environs. To better serve our customers We shall be setting up a number of oil refineries in and around Dhaka.

We have already purchased land and the setting up of the units are in different stages of installation.

The units that are being set up in and around Dhaka are listed below :

Zaima Vegetable Oil Ltd.
1000 MT/Day Physical Oil Refinery
Product: Refined Palm Oil
Plant Supplier: Oiltek SDN BHD

Zaima Super Oil Ltd.
1000 MT/Day Dry Fractionating Plant
Product: Super refined Oil
Plant Supplier: Oiltek SDN BHD

Zaima Edible Oil Ltd.
500 MT/Day Physical Oil Refinery
500 MT/Day Neutralization Plant
Product: Refined soya bean edible oil
Plant Supplier: Oiltek SDN BHD




Factory Views:

Sagarika Bottle & Packing


We will be producing Food Grade PET bottles and we will pack and market our own edible oil product, as Nurjahan Edible Oil, so that our customers can get quality products at a competitive price.




In the modern market place, we believe that the keywords should be quality and economy.






Nurjahan Group Flour


Nurjahan Group is setting up this state of the art flour mill having a capacity of 500 MT/Day at Dhaka and 500 MT/Day at Chittagong.




The machines for this Flour Mill are coming from Mill Service SPA Ltd. of Italy.

And to paraphrase Pablo Neruda, Nurjahan group is duty-bound to make available for the people of Bangladesh, the finest flour to make the best bread.

The bread that will satisfy the needs of the discerning consumers of this country.

Nurjahan Group Spices


This particular unit of the Nurjahan Group is being set up in Chittagong. The machines for this particular unit came from Mill Powder Tech Co. Ltd.of Taiwan.

This particular unit of the Nurjahan Group will be producing Chili and Turmeric Powder 6 MT/day, cumin and Coriander Powder 1.4 MT/day, and Mixed Spices 0.5 MT/Day.

As a part of our commitment of providing the best possible ingredients, the product from this factory will be of International Quality and Purity. The spices and condiments of Bengal have through the ages been a product of great repute.

It is what makes the recipes of Bengal so very special.

Nurjahan Group with its products from Nurjahan spices Ltd. wants to make its contribution to the art of cooking of Bangladesh.

Edible Oil Sector

We are one of the larger entities in the Edible Oil Sector of our country. We have edible oil refineries, where we are importing Crude Palm Oil and Crude Soya Bean Oil from the most reputed producers throughout the World. We process these Crude Edible Oils in our state of the art refineries and supply the refined products to the many distributors throughout the country.