At Nurjahan Group we live by the hour, by the day, because we know that what we do every hour of every day will determine our standing in the long run. We consciously try to excel at everything we do everyday from the most important to the most trivial.



Nurjahan Group wants to be the best in Bangladesh. We hope to be an established entity in the International Business arena. Our goals sometimes will appear to be lofty, our aims almost unreachable but we firmly believe that it is only when we aim for the heavens, we shall reach the stars. The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour -Japanese proverb.


We have a creative vision for our plans for the future. To quote Kahlil Gibran, “Look not at what we have already achieved but what we aspire to be”. We aspire to many great things for our future. We have many great plans for our future, we want to go into the manufacturing of basic chemicals, we want to take the advantage of the International Market Place and set up a state of the art ship building facility in Bangladesh.

We have many intentions and programmes and it is only the realization of our aims in the future that will tell on which sectors we shall succeed and where we shall fail. But please rest assured that we at Nurjahan Group will try our utmost to succeed.